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Zuri Floral Design T & J

Process & Investment

How should I plan on Budgeting for my florals?    Pricing is one of the hardest questions to answer.  It's dependent on many factors including types of flowers, quantity of flowers, guest count, color, and seasonality.  But beyond the flowers, what we do is hand crafted.  It's bespoke -  so it takes many expert hands to create a unique piece.  That is why price is such a hard thing to determine.


Does ZFD have wedding floral design minimums? ​   To ensure that we deliver the utmost level of quality we only take on a limited number of events during the year so that we can provide our full attention and service to each couple. Due to our extensive process and management, we  require a $6,500 minimum for full service floral design. This minimum does not apply to our micro wedding package or elopement package. On average, our couples spend between $7,000 and $15,000 for full service floral design. 


Do you have an option for smaller micro-weddings?     With Covid-19 changing up the landscape of many weddings, we are aware that many couples may consider downsizing their wedding. For those who are having 2021 weddings that are less than 50 guests, we are reducing our minimum to $3,500 for micro weddings. If you are planning on a smaller wedding simply reach out to us- we would be delighted to hear from you and to design floral magic for your special day!

We are Eloping do you offer personal blooms?    Just the two of you-beautiful! Elopements are extremely romantic and utterly magical! Inquire to learn more about our elopement offering.

Are there any additional charges that I can expect in a floral proposal?   Other charges that are not floral related in a floral proposal could include setup, delivery, administration/production fees, design charges. And of course there is also taxes! Other things that are always looked over are wait times and strike either that evening or the day after.  

Those are additional fees that will be added to a proposal. 


What should my floral budget be for 100 guests?   Our floral design clients budget approximately $90 -$150 per guest for flowers before taxes and other costs.  

Another way to look at things is to budget 10 - 12% of your total budget on flowers if florals are a priority. 

What is the process for corporate or non wedding events?   The process for corporate and non wedding events is very similar. We start with a proposal based on your needs and ideas.  Unlike our customized wedding proposals, we have a $1,500 minimum on any corporate and non wedding events.

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